richmondIcicles1983Joseph grew-up in Croydon, South London (Surrey, actually). He spent twelve years as a child ice-skating star competing in figure skating and ice-dance.

In 1983, the Streatham Ice-Rink team won the international ice show competition La Pomme d'Or in Rouen, France with the ice spectacular - Icicles.

He then shunned this glamorous lifestyle to become an academic, studying at Cambridge University to be a Natural Scientist. Three years of this was not enough so he then spent a year at Imperial College in London, studying for a Masters.

London life took its toll, so he returned to the provincial delights of Cambridge to do a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry.

It was during this time he rediscovered his passion for performance.

In the space of four years he was involved with over 30 productions: plays, musicals, dance shows and more. He has been a performer, producer, publicist, choreographer and director. After finally managing to fit in some study around theatrical pursuits he graduated from Cambridge as Dr. Joseph Wicks, and left to go and live in London again.

Theatre has taken him to locations as diverse as the Edinburgh Fringe and a cliff-side theatre in Cornwall, to 2000 year old Greek amphitheatres, Kensington Palace and the Royal Opera House - Covent Garden.

He has been Around the World in 80 Days at Battersea Arts Centre; played the conniving, two-timing, back-stabbing rogue, Harry Bogen in I can Get It For You Wholesale at the Arcola Theatre, and played a strange Brechtian Youth in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui at the Bridewell Theatre.

Joseph trained on the one year Postgraduate Musical Theatre course at the Royal Academy of Music, where he had a fantastic time. He played Dmitri in The Yalta Game, by Brian Friel; Konstantin in The Seagull, and Aimable Castagnet - The Baker in The Baker's Wife. He also learnt a lot and made some great friends.

Since graduating he hasbeen a rather nasty Dandini at the Theatre Royal, Northampton; a lost shepherd in an outside Nativity play; a Samurai warrior at the Royal Opera House, a Dutch elephant specialist; a swashbuckling Spanish pussy cat; Comrade Lenin; a medieval jester ghost; a Harlequin in Venice and a backing singer for Elton John. 

He hopes to add more strange and wonderful characters to this list...