After starting 2007 playing Pasquale, the gondolier in Henry James' The Wings of the Dove, Joseph is now off to Venice for real to work on Carnival - The Show... Teatro San Gallo, Venice.

It's 1913 - a family of mask makers and costumiers are preparing for the last of the grand Carnival masquerades. It will be the end of an era. Their client, the incredible Marchesa Luisa Casati, known for her exotic wild animals, extravagant life style, and costumes so daring that she was described as “wearing more perfume than clothing!”

As they handle costumes collected over the centuries they re-live the story of Venice: islands of refuge in a salty lagoon - the pious theft of the body of St. Mark - the boom of the merchant empire - the triumphant battle of Lepanto - the birth of Carnival itself - Casanova's daring escape - the city of masks - gambling and amorous liaisons...

See the CARNIVAL - The Show website for more information and booking details.